Setup and forget website backup tool

Backup all the data on your customers server without any hastle.

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Meet BackupHP

BackupHP is your three step solution for automaticaly backup up your customers data.

Feature 01

AWS backend

As we are completly hosted on Amazon AWS your data is in good hands with us. We are there when you need us!

Feature 02


All your data gets encrypted before it is send to us. We can never access your file content! (Encryption: ZIP with AES)

Feature 03

No credentials

Our competiors require you to hand over your very own login data to them. With BackupHP we do not need that. You keep your credentials!

Feature 04

5 minute setup

To setup BackupHP you only need to upload a single file to your webserver and add one line of javascript to your homepage. That's it!


$4.99/m billed anually
  • Backup every 24 hours
  • Up to 1GB backup size
  • One click restore
$7.99/m billed anually
  • Backup every 12 hours
  • Up to 5GB backup size
  • One click restore
  • Extended restore schedule


  • Why encryption?

    As we ourselfs do not want to have any access to your data, all data is encrypted before it leaves your server!

    We are privacy advocates and your data security is the top priority to us!

  • How do I define what data should be safed?

    Per default we backup all your files and folders that are in the same directory as the backu.php file.

  • Why is my last backup more than 24h ago?

    There are two reasons why this could be:

    Reason 1: Your data did not change since the last backup: As there is no use in having the exact same backup one hundret time we only backup when something changed

    Reason 2: The backup does not get triggered: As the backup gets triggered by the javascript snippet, it could be that your page was not visited in a long time.

  • Can BackupHP also backup my database?

    As BackupHP only has access to your files, we can not backup your database.

    It is also no feature we will add in the future, as it would need a way more complicated setup and that is not in alignment with the BackupHP philosophy.

Still not convinced?